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With a highly professional office staff and experienced freelance /
staff photographers, MarinMedia.org News Services is committed to
serving you with the most compelling images you will ever need. Not
only in the North American celebrity market, but coverage in the
fastest growing market, the Latin American / Hispanic markets, but
also with worldwide breaking news and all major sporting events.

We have the enthusiasm to find the best images and stories to fit
your immediate requirements. With a devoted staff of account
executives that can be reached 24/7, world renowned
photographers, as well as experience imaging technicians, we are
committed to providing you with the images you need, when you
need them.

MarinMedia.org News Services supplies national and regional
newspapers, magazines, television, and websites with
material tailored to their needs.  Our team of reporters, feature
writers and photographers are always at the ready to break the news
as it happens, tell the inside story of people's lives and capture the
image that's worth a thousand words.

Thanks to our 11 plus years of experience, we are able to deliver
to your editing digital desktop, in a matter of minutes, breaking news
and major sport events, film premieres.  We also provide you with a
continuously updated of never before published images with a new
and different outlook on the Latin American / Hispanic market.